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Wholesale Beads  


We offer many beautiful styles of finished jewelry on our gift site at GreekFleaMarket.com. Wholesale orders require a $150 minimum (may include any Mykonos products) with a minimum of 1 pack per style. Small orders are possible, but prices will be higher. Click HERE to see typical "assorted colors" pack...you may request particular emphasis like "only dark," "summer colors," "very bright," etc., as we have a wide variety in some styles.

All styles are being sold from inventory. New production would be at a substantially higher price.

Greek Jewelry

Keramika Necklaces: Colorful handmade ceramic bead necklaces. - 5 assorted for $45. For more great jewelry, please visit our gift site at GreekFleaMarket.com.

Call 508-778-0698 for more info or email us at mykonosjo@aol.com.

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